Grand Commandery
Knights Templar
of Virginia

“Zeal, Action, and Excellence”
Updated 12/30/2021

Greetings from your Drill Team Committee!

The first order of business is to again congratulate the New River Valley Commandery #32 Drill Team. This is their second year in a row as the winner of the Grand Commandery Drill Competition and, as such, they get to retain the Fitz Allen Brown Memorial Drill Trophy. Also, as a result of their victory, New River Valley Commandery #32 has been named the Right Eminent Grand Commander’s Honor Guard. In addition to forming the lines for rehearsal and executing arches of steel (with other Sir Knights who participated in the Grand Commandery Drill Competition) at the Grand Annual Conclave, they are also practicing an exciting Exhibition routine to be performed especially for the occasion. Also, the tentative date for the 2022 Grand Commandery Drill School and Competition is October 1, 2022. The Grand Commandery Drill Competition routine is in this linked file: “VA Class E Drill Routine Commands 31 Dec 2016 Final”. This same routine will continue to be used until a revision is deemed necessary.

Second, I have revised the Asylum Drill Routine to make it a bit easier in hopes that more Commanderies will try it. This is based upon feedback received from some of the Commanderies who have executed the routine. Again, it is intended to encourage Commanderies to visit each other and compete during Stated Conclaves. This ensures that the ‘home’ Commandery can open and conduct business. It can also be used as a program for any Commandery who simply wishes to try it. The Asylum Drill Routine is in this linked file: “Asylum Class E Drill Routine rev1 06 Nov 2021”.

Third, the Criteria for Temporary Drill Corps membership has been updated to include Grand Commandery Drill Exhibitions and is as follows:

Criteria for temporary membership in the Drill Corps:

a) Participated in any combination of 4 Grand Commandery Drill Competitions (as a marching member, captain, supernumerary, or judge and earned a Grand Commandery Drill Bar) and/or Grand Commandery Drill Exhibitions;


b) Participated in any combination of 4 of the approved Drill Related Activities below:
i. Participation in additional Grand Commandery Drill Competitions or Exhibitions (beyond the 4 required above);
ii. Participation in an Asylum Class ‘E’ Drill Competition with another Commandery;
iii. Participation in Grand Commandery Drill Corps School;
iv. Marched as a member of a Commandery unit (minimum of six Sir Knights in uniform) in a local parage; OR
v. Performed a flag ceremony or presentation of colors as a Commandery unit (minimum of 3 Sir Knights in uniform…like a Standard Guard) at a non-Commandery public or private event.

The criteria for permanent membership in the Drill Corps is unchanged.

Please contact me or any member of the Drill Team Committee with any questions you may have. I hope to see you at the Grand Annual Conclave and on the drill field in 2022.


Sir Knight Charles Burke Barbee
Chairman, Drill Team Committee
(912) 660-4945
“Zeal, Action, and Excellence”


Drill Corps Manual – 10 Nov 2021 LINK

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Asylum Class E Drill Routine rev1 – 06 Nov 2021 LINK

VA Class E Drill Routine – 31 Dec 2016
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